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Field Service, Aftermarket Parts & Replacement Vacuum Breakers
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Field Service, Aftermarket Parts & Replacement Vacuum Breakers

Choose between one of the following options:

  • Field Service
    Start-up, Engineered Solutions, Emergency, Service Contracts
  • Low-Voltage Breakers
    Retrofit or Refurbishment
  • Medium-Voltage Equipment
    M/F Gear. NXAIR, GMI, QR Switches, 81000, Simosec, SDV, Roll-in replacement vacum circuit breakers
  • High-Voltage Equipment
    Voltage regulators, SP/sps/SPS2,3AI,3AP,CPV LPO,BZO,SDO
  • Power Transformer Equipment
    LTC,testing parts service, installation and commissioning
  • HVDC and FACTS Equipment
    Parts and Services for HVDC and FACTS systems
  • Drawings Requests
    For Existing Sales Order
  • Switchgear/Transformer Services
  • Misc. Parts (4.16kV – 38kV)
    GMI. MVC, SDV, GMSG, Simosec, 81000 MVC
  • Replacement/Refurbished Breakers
    Siemens–Allis, Westinghouse, GE, ITT, FP, etc.
  • GM-SG Breakers
  • GMI Breakers
  • GMI Switchgear
    Parts, service and add-on extensions
  • Contactors(Replacement or Spare)
    Series 81000
  • Retrofill Kits
    All legacy cubicless
  • MV GIS Parts
    All Legacy Equipment
  • HV Field Service
    All HV power circuit breakers 69KV 245kv
  • Power Circuit Breaker Parts
  • Voltage Regulator Parts
  • Transformer Parts
    Bushings,gaskets,misc parts,etc
  • Transformer service
    testing, technical field assistance,installation, etc.
  • Transformer Dress and Test
  • Submit Request
    Drawings will only be supplied to END customers
    Fee will apply depending on age of job and number of drawings needed.

We will make every effort possible to meet this deadline. However, please reference the table below for expected timelines for fulfilling your request.

Product Offer Timeline Explanation Avg. Delivery timeline ARO
Field Service 1-7 days   NA
Misc. Parts 1-7 days Often requires updated pricing
from our vendors
1-8 weeks
depending on if products are coming from US, Germany or Mexico.
GMI Switchgear 1-3 weeks We have to find old drawings, identify and cost parts and consult with engineering on the scope of the particular project. 16-20 weeks
Manuf. in Wendell, NC
3-5 days
Occasionally requires consultation with engineering 10-12 weeks
for standard contactor.
Retrolfills 2-4 weeks Engineering consultation will be required. 20-24 weeks
for retrofill
MV GIS Parts 1-2 weeks Most of the support comes from Germany. 1-8 weeks
We have some inventory in Wendell, NC. Other parts ship from Germany and have to clear customs.
5-10 days Requires consultation with engineering resources. 12-14 weeks
Manuf. in Mexico
2-5 days Manufactured in Wendell, NC 8-12 weeks
Manuf. in Wendell, NC
All other Replacement Breakers
(Allis-Chalmers, Westinghouse, FP, GE)
2-5 days for single breakers

up to 2 weeks or more for large scoped projects
  12-14 weeks
Manuf. in Wendell, NC
(Could Vary depending on shop load)
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