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Siemens PTI Customer Support System provides greater protection for your sensitive data by returning attachments in a new Secure Link. Files uploaded via this web form are secured while en-route over the internet, therefore we highly suggest bookmarking this link to secure your sensitive data.

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NOTE: For Sentinel\Rainbow locks, please enter the Hand Engraved 4 or 5 digit number.
For CodeMeter locks, please enter the 8 digit serial number (example 1-23456789).
To obtain Sentinel\Rainbow USB lock number, use the PSSE Utility “Show connected SuperPro locks".
To obtain your CodeMeter serial number, open Start Menu>CodeMeter>CodeMeter Control Center
  Check here if you have a network or software lock.

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In order for Siemens PTI to address specific issues encountered by licensees, we will often request user files that may contain a licensee's confidential or proprietary information. Siemens PTI treats all information provided by its licensees as confidential and will not disclose any files or specific data contained in any files to third parties without your consent. Siemens PTI maintains confidentiality agreements with many parties such as ISO's and RTO's. Siemens PTI opinion is that separate NDA's to address specific trouble tickets is not necessary. However, if you feel that an NDA is required by your organization, we can provide you our standard confidentiality agreement upon request.

This form supports files up to 20MB in size. If you need to upload files larger than 20MB, please indicate so in your description above so that our support staff can grant you access to the Siemens Secure File Exchange.

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